Precious Moment- Feel Good Blog Post

This morning I was up early and hustling to get out of the house in time to make a 7:30 a.m. Flight to Dallas. I was right on schedule, and about to head down the stairs and out the door when I heard the thump of little feet and a jubilant "Mama!" behind me.

There stood my three-year-old daughter, eyes still puffy from sleep. I was surprised, of the two of them, my son is the morning person. Like me, Cassie enjoys her rest.

"It's so early sweetie," I said as I bent to give her a squeeze.

"I wanted to see you before you leave," she said with a sleepy-- but bright-- smile.

Oh how I love this girl.

It's important to interject here that, while I don't like to be away from my family, I've been somewhat looking forward to this particular business trip. I was compelled to wind business (which was booming in the spring) down to almost nothing due to some medical issues that cropped up in May. It's always a little scary in the world of self-employment to scale back. This trip signified a return to physical as well as professional health, a great talisman against mommy guilt.

But I felt a small twinge anyway.

Even though I knew that, because she was up, I was going to be late getting away, I bent, gathered my sweet girl in my arms and kissed her little face. "I'm so glad you did," I said, "And I can't wait to come home."

And I couldn't.

In that moment I was simultaneously looking forward to leaving as well as to returning. But, above all, I was relishing the feel of my daughter in my arms, warm and soft, smelling like Baby Magic and squeezing my neck in the dark quiet that only happens in the early morning. I closed my eyes, said a quick prayer of thanks and thought, "It doesn't get any better than this."

Then I heard the familiar thump of little footsteps behind me. And there was her twin brother.


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